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….creating beautiful websites

Beautiful by Design

Alston Web Weavers create websites and pages that are not only beautiful, but are also functional and easy to use, both for you and your web visitor. We work with you to make your site exactly what you want. Together we design the theme (we don't work with pre-designed "templates!") You decide what content and facilities you want on your site and we decide together where you want everything to be. You can have contact forms, photo galleries, blogs, pop ups, buttons, videos, a facebook and a twitter feed, an event module, and more. If you want an ecommerce site you can sell any amount of items from one to several thousand. We will endeavour to build any module you want. (And if we can't do it, we will tell you straight away)

Websites that just work. Everything you have ever wanted can be included and everything can be changed by you to suit your requirements

To Blog or not to blog

Having a blog on a site is really useful. Not only will it keep your content fresh but the search engines are more likely to give your site pride of place on their listing if they can see that your site is "live" Also is great for your web visitors to come back and see new content.

To blog or not to blog….. that is the question?

This could be your Blog

Having a blog on your site is not only great for your web visitors but it also keeps your content fresh and the search engines love a blog. It shows that your site is being looked after and updated regularly. 

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Alston Web Weavers builds in all the tools in your "Back Office" that you will need to update your blog and in fact any other content or image that you have on the site.

Is there hope?

Please don't think that your Back Office will be too complicated for you to use. There is HOPE. It's easy! And we will show you how.


Even Events can be beautiful

Event pages are often rather boring. We try to make them beautiful. If you have a Facebook page then your events on your site will just update automatically.

Having different and interesting things on your website keeps your visitor engaged.

There is hope!

FAQ: Do you use Wordpress?
No we don't. Why? Wordpress is far from easy for the average person to use. Its a steep learning curve to be able to update your website. The Wordpress software and any module your developer has given you have to be regularly updated too. Otherwise you are likely to attract bugs and spam. This is not something that you need to be dealing with.

We are different.

Your new website could be just an email away.

Let us design your next site

Please get in contact with us to discuss your requirement and for us to give you a quote.

There is no two!

Alston Web Weavers
Alston Web Weavers

….creating beautiful websites

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