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Getting your web presence just right is really important. You could go online and just use one of the many website online applications that are available, but mostly its very obvious that your stuff will have been made by a online app! To have a really unique, designed for you web presence you need to engage someone who can work with a professional programme or have the skills to code HTML, Javascript and other coding languages. As you can see from this site, its not a "template" site or a duplicate of a wordpress site that other people have. All of our web design is designed especially for YOU! We don't use templates. We design your "things" specifically for you and your needs.

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Your webthings will need a home. You will probably also need email. We build all of this into your package. You can have as many email addresses as you want. If you require ecommerce facilities, or a blog, a forum or just a regular site, all of this is possible. Your "things" can be as big or small, as many as you want and as you need. If you need a secure site - google gives preference to "secure" sites - an HTTPS site. (The "S" standing for secure) We also include Search Engine Optimisation - SEO into our site, We cant guarantee we will get your site to the top of Google (no one can) but we will make it findable and memorable!

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Lots of web development companies offer a "content management system" - a way for you to update your own site. Problem is most of the CMS's available like wordpress require a step learning curve for you to be able to use it. Often sites go for months without being updated, because the owner of the site just doesn't know how to do it.

Our CMS is different. In fact we have built into this site a "demo" for you to try our CMS out for yourself. Please go to the menu bar or click on this link to see the "demo" All the text and images have been uploaded with our easy to use CMS. Now go to the user admin page where you will see how easy it is to change the text or the images on the "demo" page.

Go on, try it out for yourself!

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